Coconut Oil

coconut oilI believe that if a product is good for you, in order to achieve the maximum benefit, you must use it correctly. Having a better understanding of coconut oil and its benefits is the reason it will always be one of my staple products. I purchase virgin coconut oil. It can also go by the name of unrefined coconut oil. You want to stay away from the refined kind if you are trying to get the  maximum benefit of the product. One way you can tell if you have the unrefined coconut oil is by the smell. It will have the sweet, coconut aroma to it.  Refined sounds like it would be better right? That’s not the case. Refined means it has been bleached and processed and many of the nutrients have been stripped from it.

Note: For those that do not like the coconut smell, try masking it with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. 🙂

The natural oils our body produces is called sebum. There are lots of beneficial substances in our sebum that keeps our scalp healthy and allows hair to grow faster and stronger. One of those substances is a fatty acid called a medium chain triglyceride (MCT). These acids act as an antioxidant, antiseptic, and act as a powerful antimicrobial when broken down by the healthy bacteria found in your natural sebum and on your skin! These acids destroy disease-causing germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They work with natural pH of your body and basically forming a protective layer over your skin. When you cleanse your hair and skin you wash away your natural MCT’s. Ridding your skin of this vital protective layer leaves it vulnerable to all types of organisms, good and bad. Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of MCT so, you can replenish all of the oils you lost naturally!

Coconut oil also has amazing benefits for the hair. Since it is closest to what our body produces naturally, it is also more easily absorbed by our hair. Many of the oils we use on our hair and skin are composed of  long chain triglycerides. The beneficial molecules are too large to penetrate the skin and hair. These oils sit on the cuticle layer providing sheen and assisting in smoothing the cuticle. However, the medium-sized chain is just the right size for hair and skin to naturally absorb. MCT’s flow freely within the cuticle of the hair strand, minimizing protein loss and ensuring maximum conditioning and moisturizing benefits. This is what makes coconut oil an excellent choice for pre-poo and shampoo recipes.

My brother began suffering from acne when he began college. We tried buying him all types of topical solutions and face washes and nothing really seemed to work. With the information I encountered about virgin coconut oil, I gave my brother some to try. I saw him again 2 weeks later, exactly 12 days later. His acne had reduced by almost 60% and his complexion was amazing! I had forgotten about the oil I gave him and didn’t even think he would use it. My mo asked him what he had been doing differently and he said he began using the coconut oil twice daily after washing his face and continued using when he saw a difference.

I’m a firm believer in coconut oil and its amazing benefits! I hope you also enjoy this wonderful oil! Thanks for reading! 🙂

On a side note, coconut oil  is even more beneficial when taken internally. The internal benefits are just as amazing as the external ones and it will show!

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3 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

  1. Hey I am trying to grow my hair back it’s been short for a min I really don’t see a it going I am going to try castrol oil on it can I used it on my braids can I used it on dry hair will that be the best thing for me. Please response back or call me 706 877-3730. Thanks again alexis


    1. I would suggest WebMD or even googling the “herpes symptoms” and seeing the different information that comes up, but most of all I suugest seeing a health care professional that can properly identify them.


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