Want a quick moisture boost without having to go through the entire co-washing experience? Finding that your moisture needs to be replenished more often during certain seasons or after wearing a hairstyle for a prolonged period? Baggying may be one part of your solution! So what is “baggying”? Baggying is a conditioning practice consisting of simply wearing a baggyingor shower cap (even a grocery bag!)!

l have found it more beneficial to apply a small amount of a light leave-in conditioner to my hair before I baggy and then I seal my ends after baggying. The warmer environment inside the cap during baggying causes the hair shaft to swell and the cuticles to raise, in turn, making it easier for the hair to accept the moisture. The cuticle scales will naturally begin to lay down on their own as they cool, however, sealing your ends after aids in that process as well as ensuring proper product distribution and aids in defining curls.

I usually baggy in between conditionings when moisture is needed but a cleansing is not necessary or possible at the time. When I baggy, I apply a small blend of an oil and aloe to my hair. Castor oil, avocado oil, and glycerin are good examples of a humectant oils, but they are heavy/thick oils. Be careful not to overdo it with product beforehand, especially if you plan to seal afterwards. I wear my hair in a few chunky plaits or twists or simply leave it out in an afro. It all depends on how I plan to style my hair afterwards. I wear the shower cap in the for about an hour. I don’t like to leave it on for more than an hour with moisture applied because I didn’t like my scalp exposed to a warm and damp environment for too long. I recommend doing your baggying around bath time if you don’t want to wait around for the cap to steam itself.

You can customize your baggying experience using your favorite leave-in conditioner, milk, oils, butter, cream, etc! There are many possibilities! I would love to hear what works for you!

Thanks for reading! -ApHropupHs

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2 thoughts on “Baggying

  1. I tried baggying because my hair and cold hair do not mix! I’ve been looking for ways to moisturize that don’t involve washing or rinsing everyday. I love this because I’m left with soft manageable hair, with little effort. My hair is frizzy so I try not to agitate it or it makes the issue worse. So for me, I can take a little castor oil and lightly apply to my scalp and run through my hair. I put the baggy on, and in about an hour or so my dry hair and scalp have come back to life. I prefer the castor oil because it is so thick and helps keep the frizz down. Also as you mentioned before, its good as an anti-fungal agent, which has helped heal my scalp from breakouts. I found that using leave-ins (for me) makes my hair puff up too much, then i’m forced to de-tangle, which I absolutely hate doing lol. All-in-all, I LOVE this method and am planning on trying it on m daughter with the leave-in. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Awesome! That is great! I’m glad this works for you and thank you for sharing your experience! Sounds like you have high porosity. Check my article on balancing you hair pH! It may help tame the frizzies!


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