Hair Garden “Herbal Tea” Tree-tment

Hair Garden "Herbal Tea" tree-tment
Hair Garden “Herbal Tea” tree-tment

Originally, this product was developed specifically for the scalp maintenance of those that suffered from certain forms of alopecia, wore braids, twists, and locs due to complains of dry scalp, dry hair and hair breakage. However, this product has proven to be beneficial regardless of the type of hair style being worn. The skin and scalp contains special glands that produce their own form of lubrication and protection in the form of sebum (oil), a combination of fats and lipids your body secretes. The sebum lubricates and protects by providing a protective, acidic layer on the hair and skin, keeping it soft and protecting it from being invaded by bacteria and other harmful things. However, the oil glands cannot always produce what the scalp need and this where the Hair and Scalp Treatment comes in. A lot of the problems that I saw clients having with their scalp simply came from unbalanced pH of their sebum and scalp. This can stem from medications/drugs, poor diet, improper cleansing habits, product usage and environmental factors. The herbs you see are horsetail, a natural form of silica that works to strengthen the hair externally. This product contains avocado oil, which is rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E, nutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids and natural humectant properties that seal in moisture. It also contains one of my favorite ingredients, aloe vera, which works as a natural astringent, helps balance scalp pH and has amazing skin healing and regeneration properties.  I picked these ingredients, amongst a few others primarily, because when combined they can take the place and perform the important functions that our natural sebum (oil) is supposed to perform. The Hair and Scalp Treatment is also good for adding moisture to hair prior to detangling (for styling), as a hot oil treatment prior to shampooing, and can even be mixed in with your favorite rinse out conditioner for added conditioning benefits. This product is designed to strengthen the hair and follicles and to promote a healthy environment for hair growth. For best results, use on clean scalp and hair. Contact me at to find out how to get this product for yourself or visit my Etsy shop at!

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