Bantu Knots Revisited!!

Hello, beauties! After my success with the bantu knots when I had the cornrows in the front, I wanted to try again with all my hair! Also, I had just shaped my fro with some shears and clippers so I know  my hair was in excellent condition for any kind of set! I took off about 2 inches so my ends should be nice and trimmed for the summer!

Anyway! I did this set on already dry hair. I went through it and detangled and sealed my ends with Hair Garden’s Mango Punch Conditioner and the “Herbal Tea” Tree-tment. I did not use a gel. I placed 8 bantu knots in my hair, 2 in the back, 2 in the crown, 2 on the sides and 2 on top! I did this right before bed so it could set overnight while I slept.


I took them out the next morning with pleasant results! This has to be the best bantu set I have ever done on myself! I will definitely try this again with gel so it will last longer.

wpid-1436382463506.jpgWith just the moisturizer, my curls lasted about 2 days without having to retwist. I would get more definition with a little gel added. I may try EcoStyler or make some flaxseed gel. I’m leaning more towards the flax at the moment. When I make some, I will definitely share it with you all!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for stopping by!


Author: Aphropuphs

Master Cosmetologist, Master Educator, Product Maker and Natural Hair Specialist sharing natural hair care information and giving support to those on their journey!

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