Hair Garden “Herbal Tea” Tree-tment

Originally, this product was developed specifically for the scalp maintenance of those that suffered from certain forms of alopecia, wore braids, twists, and locs due to complains of dry scalp, dry hair and hair breakage. However, this product has proven to be beneficial regardless of the type of hair style being worn. The skin and scalp contains special glands thatContinue reading “Hair Garden “Herbal Tea” Tree-tment”

Pre-poo Recipe (pre-shampoo)

 I tried a new pre-poo recipe the other day and was very satisfied with the results so I wanted to share it with my readers. These are the ingredients I used: •red palm oil (5 tablespoons) •coconut milk (1/4 cup) •honey (2 tablespoons) •yogurt (1/4 cup) I moistened my hair slightly with water. I appliedContinue reading “Pre-poo Recipe (pre-shampoo)”

Red Palm Oil for Dry Hair!

I want to share some information about an oil I have added to my hair, scalp, and skin favorites! I always see palm oil or palm kernal oil in many natural hair ingredients when I read the labels, but never thought much of it. My mom used to have palm oil by the gallon and cook with it allContinue reading “Red Palm Oil for Dry Hair!”

My Avocado Hair Dip!

There is one deep conditioner that works better than any other for my hair and it is part of my regular deep conditioning regimen. It is my Avocado Healthy Hair Dip! An all natural dip for your hair with many benefits! I try do this conditioner about once a month or between protective styles. TheseContinue reading “My Avocado Hair Dip!”

Hair Garden Meet-Up #3! An Evening of Fun!

On Thursday, December 16, 2010, the Hair Garden Natural Beauties met at Vallarta Mexican Restaurant for the 3rd natural hair and health meet-up! The event took place from 6-8pm. We began the evening by going around the table and introducing ourselves and sharing our natural journey. We had a great turnout this time with 14 ladies attending!  OnceContinue reading “Hair Garden Meet-Up #3! An Evening of Fun!”

Hair Garden Natural Beauties Meet-up #3!

Hello! Join us at Hair Garden’s 3rd natural hair meet-up! We will meet on Thursday, December 16,  from 6-8pm at Vallarta Mexican Restaurant located at 3144 Wrightsboro Road. There will be natural product giveaways, games, info and karaoke! Join us whether you are natural, relaxed, or transitioning! This is all about learning and sharing informationContinue reading “Hair Garden Natural Beauties Meet-up #3!”

See Me Speak at Fro Fashion Week 2011!

Hello everyone! I have received and accepted the honorable invitation to speak at Fro Fashion Week 2011! This is an exclusive conference where all of the trendsetters of the natural hair care industry get together. My presentation will be “Why Should You Go Natural? Facts vs. Myths”. I will be presenting Saturday, February 19, 2011 from 1:30-2:45! Here is the linkContinue reading “See Me Speak at Fro Fashion Week 2011!”

Natural Hair Meet-up #2 was a Success!!

At Hair Garden’s 2nd natural hair meet-up on October 28, 2010, all the ladies gathered for an evening of learning and fun! We began with mingling and taking a look at all the wonderful products everyone brought in. Some of the products we were familiar with and some were new to us! We followed with good food andContinue reading “Natural Hair Meet-up #2 was a Success!!”

Hair Garden Natural Hair meet-up #2!

Join Hair Garden’s 2nd natural hair meet-up on Thursday, October 28, 2010 from 6-8pm. Please e-mail me for details on the location! Last time we all enjoyed games with natura hair accessories for prizes. This time we will be doing product education. Bring your favorite and least favorite products to learn more about their ingredientsContinue reading “Hair Garden Natural Hair meet-up #2!”

Hair Garden Meet-up #1!

Hair Garden’s first meet-up was a success. There was a good turn out and I know the number of participants will increase each time! Everyone met at the new Golden Corral on Bobby Jones Expressway. It was the first time dining at the new location for a lot of us. We started of by doing aContinue reading “Hair Garden Meet-up #1!”