The Journey

It’s time to do the math.

Life spent focused on the wrong path

We reach with hungry hands

working to satisfy societies demands.

Rewarded only with oppression

from the endless pursuit of perfection

Sadly, we’ve readily enlisted

to fulfill standards that never should have existed

Losing focus on why we were placed on this Earth

Letting man of flesh and blood tell us what we’re worth

Famished minds, knowledge deprived.

Missing from the movement when we should have already arrived.

Agents of change or catalysts of disaster?

Everyone chooses the destiny they want to master.



Naturally Me

The ever growing extension of me

coiling wild, healthy, and free

The way it was intended to be.

Naturally me.

What you’re getting is what you see.

Beautifully, genuinely, intensely, naturally me.

I love me

enough not to wear parts from another’s anatomy

Satisfied with the color, texture, and length that God gave me.

Forgive me if I am not as pretty as I could be

because I don’t wear my hair like the majority of society and my community.

But I refuse to sit back and die slowly

altering my beauty because of what you may think of me.


Another Natural Hair Poem

I came across this poem in a book I was reading last  year, The Color Complex. I came across it again and wanted to share it with my fellow natural hair lovers. Enjoy!

“To those of my sisters who kept their naturals. Never to look a hot comb in the teeth. Sisters! I love you because you love you.” – Gwendolyn Brooks

You have not bought Blondine

You have not hailed the hot-comb recently.

You never worshipped MarilynMonroe.

You say: Farrah’s hair is hers.

You have not wanted to be white.

Nor have you testified to the adoration of that state

with the advertisement of imitation

(never successful because the hot comb is laughing too.)

But oh the rough rough Other music.

The Real.

The Right.

The natural Respect for self and seal.

Your hair is celebration in the world.

A poem by: Gwendolyn Brooks

Untitled: A Natural Hair Poem

The “me” I once hated

is now the “me” that I embrace

from my expressive cheekbones

to the beautiful nose spread across my face.

A head full of tiny curls

once called unmanageable and wild

were always a mystery to me

ever since I was a child.

One day curiosity got the best of me

and as I sat in the barber’s seat

I told him to shave off everything.

I walked out with my head up high.

People asked, “You cut your hair off! Why?”

I responded with a smile,

“It’s hair, not a limb, so no need to cry.”

From the fade, to the TWA, to the BAA

I enjoyed my natural mane at every stage

I am now beautiful because I said so

wearing my hair the way God made it grow.

I’ve fallen in love with the natural hair

I was finally getting to know.

I love everything about my natural hair

from the spring of my curls to the smell of it.

I get my natural hair wet

just for the hell of it.

I can’t keep my hands out of it.

My fingers are always flirting with my hair.

I try to keep my hands occupied with other things,

but they always find their way back up there.

Free from the poison that once imprisoned me

mentally, physically, politically, and spiritually.

Confidence is at its peak

because everything you see is 100% me.

Written By Aphropuphs

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