Your Standard, Not Everyone Elses

Society’s beauty standards don’t apply to me! My beauty is not “standard”, my beauty is unique! How is it that we can celebrate the beauty of diversity in everything else in the world except for ourselves? I was already on my journey to enlightenment when I started cosmetology school. I was in my mid twenties, wantedContinue reading “Your Standard, Not Everyone Elses”

The Journey

It’s time to do the math. Life spent focused on the wrong path We reach with hungry hands working to satisfy societies demands. Rewarded only with oppression from the endless pursuit of perfection Sadly, we’ve readily enlisted to fulfill standards that never should have existed Losing focus on why we were placed on this EarthContinue reading “The Journey”

I Was a Natural Hair Nazi

Hi. My name is Aphropuphs and I was a Natural Hair Nazi. Natural Hair Nazi – One who is fabulously natural but at times their opinions can come across prejudice and discriminatory against those at a different point in their natural hair journey or those who are on a different hair journey altogether. Sometimes referredContinue reading “I Was a Natural Hair Nazi”

Naturally Me

The ever growing extension of me coiling wild, healthy, and free The way it was intended to be. Naturally me. What you’re getting is what you see. Beautifully, genuinely, intensely, naturally me. I love me enough not to wear parts from another’s anatomy Satisfied with the color, texture, and length that God gave me. ForgiveContinue reading “Naturally Me”

Another Natural Hair Poem

I came across this poem in a book I was reading last  year, The Color Complex. I came across it again and wanted to share it with my fellow natural hair lovers. Enjoy! “To those of my sisters who kept their naturals. Never to look a hot comb in the teeth. Sisters! I love you because youContinue reading “Another Natural Hair Poem”

The Seed That Grew My Hair Garden

Welcome to Hair Garden! I am so pleased that you stopped by my site. I’ll use my first post to introduce myself and explain to you why I am so passionate about what I do.  I started Hair Garden, LLC in 2009. I am a natural hair care consultant and natural hair stylist. I love HAIR  in generalContinue reading “The Seed That Grew My Hair Garden”