Got My Hands on More Red Palm Oil!

Hello, beautiful people! I have finally gotten my hands on more of my beloved red palm oil! I ran out of it a couple of months ago and kept putting off going out to look for it. One of my students told me she was going to the local Farmer’s Market after class so I sent my request (and some cash!). The next day she brought me my rich, red goodness!

wpid-img_20150723_234113.jpgIt is the best heavy conditioning oil for my hair! I include it in just about all of my deep conditioning mixes. I usually always use the red palm oil from Ghana, however, I am looking forward to using this oil! The major plus is that it’s organic! At least that’s what the label says so let’s just think positive.

I was so excited about my oil and just wanted to share that with you! I have a busy few days ahead of my of loving up on some curls but I will eventually get to my own and will share my latest conditioner recipe and more red palm oil info!

Talk to you soon! Thanks or stopping by!

Hair Garden’s New Conditioners!!

Just bottled up some samples and an order. Now lids and labels!
Just bottled up some samples and an order. Now lids and labels!

Greetings, blossoms! I am so excited to introduce two of my latest products to you all! I have developed two unique conditioners that are great for the hair!  Please welcome The Hair Garden’s Mango Punch Conditioner and Avocado Shea Moisturizer! Both conditioners provide great benefits depending on your hair needs!

The Mango Punch Conditioner is a thick conditioner with mango butter, soy butter, olive oil, strengthening silk protein and essential oils! It has an amazing fruity, mango scent that everyone loves! This product can be used as a rinse or a leave-in to tame frizz and aid in manageability.



Mango Punch Conditioner. 2oz ($1)sample size and 8oz ($8) original size.
Mango Punch Conditioner. 2 oz ($1)sample size and 8 oz ($8) original size.


The Avocado Shea Moisturizer is a light daily moisturizer bursting with aloe vera, shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, amino acids and essential oils. This product is great for detangling, baggying and day-to-day styling. Comes in Vanilla Bouquet, a wonderful vanilla-sandalwood fragrance.



Avocado Shea samples waiting on labels!
Avocado Shea samples waiting on labels! 2 oz($1), 8 oz ($6)

I have listed these products in my Etsy shop!

Avocado and Coconut Milk Pre-Poo and Whipped Coconut Cream Cleanser

Greetings! It is that time of the week for my conditioning and cleansing! I am not using protein this week. I put together a video (it was hard work!) for you all with my process of mixing the pre-poo and the cleanser. The pre-poo is great for maintaining your moisture balance when you cleanse. It’s a great blend of moisture and lubrication. I have an older pre-poo article that details the benefits of pre-poos but  it needs some serious updating so I will post that a little later :)!

I like mix my own poo/cleanser as well because I don’t want to cleanse with something that won’t properly remove the excess pre-poo or that will strip the hair post pre-poo! Hope you enjoy my video!

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Pre-poo Recipe (pre-shampoo)

 I tried a new pre-poo recipe the other day and was very satisfied with the results so I wanted to share it with my readers. These are the ingredients I used:

•red palm oil (5 tablespoons)
•coconut milk (1/4 cup)
•honey (2 tablespoons)
•yogurt (1/4 cup)

Pre-poo mixture
Hair after pre-poo is applied

I moistened my hair slightly with water. I applied to mixture to my damp hair, covered with a shower cap and let it penetrate for about 2 hours.  I rinsed thoroughly with warm water and then applied some Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner. After that, I shampooed once with Hair Garden Cleansing Shampoo and followed with the Giovanni conditioner. I then sectioned my hair into four sections and applied coconut oil to my dripping wet hair before towel blotting it. I let my hair air dry for almost 30 minutes and then detangled with Hair Garden shealoe moisturizer. I braided my hair into three cornrows and let it dry overnight. The next day I had soft, shiny hair and a moisturized scalp!

Give this recipe a try! You can add or exchange ingredients for your experimenting pleasure! I would love for you to come back and share what you tried and your results on my blog! Thanks for reading!


Want a quick moisture boost without having to go through the entire co-washing experience? Finding that your moisture needs to be replenished more often during certain seasons or after wearing a hairstyle for a prolonged period? Baggying may be one part of your solution! So what is “baggying”? Baggying is a conditioning practice consisting of simply wearing a baggyingor shower cap (even a grocery bag!)!

l have found it more beneficial to apply a small amount of a light leave-in conditioner to my hair before I baggy and then I seal my ends after baggying. The warmer environment inside the cap during baggying causes the hair shaft to swell and the cuticles to raise, in turn, making it easier for the hair to accept the moisture. The cuticle scales will naturally begin to lay down on their own as they cool, however, sealing your ends after aids in that process as well as ensuring proper product distribution and aids in defining curls.

I usually baggy in between conditionings when moisture is needed but a cleansing is not necessary or possible at the time. When I baggy, I apply a small blend of an oil and aloe to my hair. Castor oil, avocado oil, and glycerin are good examples of a humectant oils, but they are heavy/thick oils. Be careful not to overdo it with product beforehand, especially if you plan to seal afterwards. I wear my hair in a few chunky plaits or twists or simply leave it out in an afro. It all depends on how I plan to style my hair afterwards. I wear the shower cap in the for about an hour. I don’t like to leave it on for more than an hour with moisture applied because I didn’t like my scalp exposed to a warm and damp environment for too long. I recommend doing your baggying around bath time if you don’t want to wait around for the cap to steam itself.

You can customize your baggying experience using your favorite leave-in conditioner, milk, oils, butter, cream, etc! There are many possibilities! I would love to hear what works for you!

Thanks for reading! -ApHropupHs

You Should Be Pre-Conditioning!

Pre-conditioning your hair is also known as a “pre-poo”. This is basically the process of pre-softening, conditioning and preparing the hair prior the cleansing process, which can be stressful on very coily hair.

Naturally, our bodies produce sebum to lubricate our hair and scalp, correct? When we cleanse our hair with detergents it strips the natural protective layer of sebum we have which can lead to dry or dehydrated scalp and hair. Our natural pH is also altered when we do this which can also result in dry hair and scalp. The combination of dryness and elevated pH can also lead to frizzy hair. This is why for some hair types, cleansing followed by conditioning alone is not effective in maintaining proper moisture levels.

Avocado and Coconut Milk Pre-Conditioner

You can pre-condition with one oil like coconut oil or you can make a simple cocktail of nutritious goodies for your hair. I prefer the simple and nutritious cocktail way! I like for my personal recipes to consist of a fatty base, a carrier oil and an essential oil. Why, you ask?

1. Fatty/thick base – Avocado (my favorite!), palm oil, honey, full fat yogurt.

  • These work to help soften the cuticle of the hair. They are thicker and will help coat the hair as well. Thicker oils are great lubricants for the friction involved in the anticipated cleansing.

2. Carrier oil – Coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, castor oil.

  • These oils have smaller nutrient chains that can penetrate the hair even easier once the cuticle is softened. They also “carry” the benefits of the essential oils to the hair and body.

3. Essential oil – Rosemary oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, tea tree oil.

  • These are oil pressed from different herbs, flowers, plants and fruits. They have many therapeutic and healing properties for the scalp and follicle and are also beneficial for the hair. They are in concentrated form and can be delivered to the body by adding drops to a carrier oil.
Pre-Conditioning Treatment

You can pre-condition before every cleansing. I prefer doing it every few cleansings. I usually leave it on for an hour or so covered with a processing cap. I found that a no or low lather cleanser is best for my hair so I opt for the low lather when I precondition. I follow with small amount of a natural commercial conditioner like Giovanni or Shea Moisture. My final step is to use my pH balancing treatment and then I rinse lightly with lukewarm water.

You can use any combination of these and a variety of many more oils. I just listed the few that I use regularly but you can try any of your  favorite oils. Take a look at a few of the pre-conditioning recipes that I have tried under the Deep Conditioners category! I would love to hear what you tried and how it worked for you!


The Caramel Treatment

Last summer, I was looking online for an all-natural conditioner that would give my hair a major boost in moisture and make it softer. I came across The Caramel Treatment and decided to give it a try after doing my homework and learning as much as I could about it. I wanted to make sure I was only conditioning and not altering my natural curl pattern.

Hair before caramel treatment

 I tried the treatment twice and I could really tell a difference in my hair. It was much softer, I experienced less shedding, and my curls were more defined. It is recommended to use this treatment no more than once a month. If used frequently, you may not be able to tell see the benefits of it.  The effects of this deep conditioning treatment last about 3-4 weeks on my hair.  I’m sure results will vary from person to person, depending on the texture, porosity, and overall condition of the hair.

This is the original recipe. I tweaked it to meet my needs and so can you!

Caramel Treatment—>Honey (6 tablespoons), Olive oil (6 tablespoons), molasses (3 tablespoons), bananas (2-3 overripe, soft), water(4-6 tablespoons), apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon), cornstarch (1-2 tablespoons), wheat germ oil (1 tablespoon).                   

I had everything but the wheat germ oil so I substituted it with jojoba oil and almond oil. I mixed it all in a plastic bowl with a hand mixer and then poured it into a saucepan and placed it on the stove. I let it simmer for 30-60 second mixing rapidly with a plastic fork. I added more cornstarch as needed until it became the consistency I wanted. I poured it back into the plastic bowl and applied it to my hair in very small sections starting from the back. Sources suggest using an applicator brush to apply but I just used my fingers. Once my hair was completely saturated I covered it with a shower cap and left it on over night. (The first time I tried the caramel treatment I only left it on for 4 hours.)

Caramel Treatment


Hair saturated with caramel treatment.


I shampooed well with castile soap making sure I got all traces of the cornstarch and followed with a cholesterol conditioner. I could feel a difference when I was shampooing. I was able to finger comb through my hair with no snags at all. When I was rinsing the conditioner out, my hair felt heavier due to all the moisture it absorbed. My curls were definitely more defined and once I did my braidout and let it air dry, it was super soft. Almost like a fluffy, cottony texture. I was very pleased with the results. In the weeks following, I did several co-washes and a few shampoos. I didn’t feel the dryness return to my hair until around the third week.

Wet hair after caramel treatment

It made my hair feel soft like it does when I used to use Cantu Shea Butter leave-in, except my hair was soft like this on a daily basis without having to apply lots of product. (I stopped using Cantu because of some of the unnatural ingredients).

Dry hair after caramel treatment

 I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has really dry hair and is experiencing a  lot of breakage and shedding during styling. This treatment has also been recommended for those who are transitioning to natural hair or those who do relax their hair. The higher porosity of the hair allows it to absorb more of the benefits of the treatment and makes hair easier to straighten. Natural hair that has had not been color treated and has had minimal heat styling has lower porosity so it is harder for the treatment to penetrate the shaft, so leaving it on longer (like overnight) is advisable for best results. I would also recommend a trim before doing this treatment so you can give your healthy head of hair a great start!