Co-washing is Great For Moisture Retention

To co-wash (short for “conditioning wash”) is the act of cleansing the hair using a moisture based lather free cleanser. Many skipped the harsh shampoos and skipped ahead to the conditioner. Now there are non-lathering cleansers available that give you the same conditioning effects in addition to cleansing your hair. I have a few favoriteContinue reading “Co-washing is Great For Moisture Retention”

Avocado and Coconut Milk Pre-Poo and Whipped Coconut Cream Cleanser

Greetings! It is that time of the week for my conditioning and cleansing! I am not using protein this week. I put together a video (it was hard work!) for you all with my process of mixing the pre-poo and the cleanser. The pre-poo is great for maintaining your moisture balance when you cleanse. It’sContinue reading “Avocado and Coconut Milk Pre-Poo and Whipped Coconut Cream Cleanser”

Hair pH Balancing Treatment

For years now, every time I cleanse my hair, I follow with a pH balancing treatment after applying my rinse-out conditioner. It is just a simple mix of equal parts aloe vera and apple cider vinegar with a few spoons of a light oil and a few drops of your favorite carrier oil. Recipe Example:Continue reading “Hair pH Balancing Treatment”

My 1st Natural Hairstyle Slideshow!

Greetings! I have done so many natural hairstyles over the years! Unfortunately, I lost a lot of them over the years but these are some I was able to find. These are all styles I did on other people. All of the people in these photos have natural hair. From locs to braids to presses, there is plenty of styling versatilityContinue reading “My 1st Natural Hairstyle Slideshow!”

8 Reasons You Should Be Using Peppermint Oil!!!

Peppermint oil is one of my staple essential oils. It’s not only good for the hair but for my overall wellness. It is may favorite because it is very pleasing to all of the senses and has many benefits both externally and internally. There is so much versatility in its use because it is bothContinue reading “8 Reasons You Should Be Using Peppermint Oil!!!”

Coconut Milk and Yogurt Cleanser

Cleansing my hair is something that I look forward to and the best part is when I get to whip up my own cleansers! I used to use coconut milk in my deep conditioners and pre-poo recipes but with its viscosity I figured it would be a great addition to a cleanser! Plus the smellContinue reading “Coconut Milk and Yogurt Cleanser”

K.I.S.S. Your Hair (Knottiness Involves Simple Styling)

I remember the lost and bewildered feeling I had when I first went natural. I had this texture of hair that I was not familiar with and I was doing everything to it at once and expecting great results! I wish I had some on to tell me that all my hair needed was aContinue reading “K.I.S.S. Your Hair (Knottiness Involves Simple Styling)”

Before You Get Your Hair “Trained”…

There is a common misconception that flat ironing is healthier for the hair than relaxing it. This is only true if you flat iron the hair at a temperature suited for your hair type and condition. I’m going to break this all the way down and try to simplify it (I hope). I often hearContinue reading “Before You Get Your Hair “Trained”…”

What the pH?

What is pH? pH stands for potential hydrogen. The pH scale measures the amount of hydrogen present in a substance. How does pH affect me? Your internal pH is the most important of all and affects the functions of your entire body but I will be discussing its effects on hair externally in this particularContinue reading “What the pH?”

Selecting a Leave-in Conditioner

I have my own little tests when deciding on whether or not I want to purchase a leave-in. There is no better test than trial and error but after experimenting for so long I have a good idea of what will work for me and what won’t before I go home with it. Here areContinue reading “Selecting a Leave-in Conditioner”