Big Chop and Braids!

Greetings, everyone! I wanted to share a short video of a big chop I did earlier this week!

I had a client with natural hair that had been wearing sew-ins and for a while and had damaged parts of her hair from using flat irons. She wanted all the damage gone and the rest of her hair cut to an even length. We followed that with feed-in braids to give her a low maintenance style while growing re-growing her hair.

I used shears to cut her hair and used Hair Garden’s Mint cleanser and Mango Punch Conditioner. We are looking forward to returning her to a full, healthy head of hair!

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Hairstyles for Natural Hair (video)

Greetings, lovely people! I put together a compilation of some of my favorite styles that I have done over the past year or so. Check it out and like and share if you liked anything you saw!

Maintaining My Barber Cut!

Hello, lovelies! As I shared with you all a couple of months ago (on YouTube), I got a drastic haircut. Many call it the Big Chop but I just consider it a regular old hair cut. I was natural before the cut so I wasn’t embarking on anything drastically new except this new fire cut!😎

I’ve had short hair before so I didn’t think much about keeping it up. However, I have been asked more than once how I maintain my shorter hair. In this video I discuss why I decided to cut my hair, my maintenance regimen and the costs of maintaining a shorter do!

I enjoy interacting with you all! Any questions and positive suggestions are welcomed! Thanks for checking me out!


Dusting Ends! (Revisited)

Greetings, my dears! Back in May 2010 (😰), I did my original post about dusting my ends (link). I had always been urged to do a video but just could never get it together!! Well, SURPRISE!! I finally did a quick, last-minute video of me dusting my ends.

Just as a refresher, dusting is like trimming your ends but not taking as much off. I personally have 4 classifications for cutting when it comes to my hair!

1. Spot cutting- That’s cutting a knot out here and there or where you see a problem area.

2. Dusting- Cutting about an inch or less of your ends to reduce tangles and shedding.

3. Trim- removing and inch or more of your ends. You are not cutting to achieve a style, just to remove the dead ends. (This can be done to refresh a cut!)

4. Hair cut- This is cutting to remove bulk and/or to achieve a particular look or style.

Moving back to dusting, I have a short little video showing how I usually dust. I also have it uploaded on my YouTube channel so if you don’t already follow me (The Hair Garden), please do!😊

I hope you found the video helpful! I am excited to finally share more of my natural hair regimen with you all! I can’t wait to post the next video! Thanks for stopping by!


D.I.M. (Did It Myself!) Styling Series: Heatless Curls with Perm Rods

Hello, Lovelies! I wanted to share my most recent perm rod set with you all! I’m getting a little better each time with this video editing stuff so I hope you all enjoy! I am starting to enjoy doing this so there will be many more videos to come! Subscribe to my channel on YouTube!

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When You Get Frustrated With Your Natural Hair

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Wise words from pinterest

So many are used to having total control over how they want their hair to look. With the simple bend of a curling iron or application of a chemical to the hair, one could re-create their idea of the perfect masterpiece on their heads.

With many that have decided to go natural, they discover that their hair often has a mind of its own and does what it wants to do. Many naturals are then faced with the decision: Do I go back to the ease and comfort of my straightened/relaxed hair that I’m used to or do I battle with this hair that is more work than I anticipated and am beginning to dislike?

When the natural hair wave first took off, there were so many people sharing their beautiful hair and hairstyles. One thing that many tend to forget is that everyone’s natural hair is unique to them. We would see the hair of others and imagine that we could emulate with our natural hair something that grows differently but naturally on someone else.

Of all the years I have been natural, I have gotten the best results when I stopped trying to “control” my hair and simply started taking care of it. I have been natural for so long that it is simply are part of my normal life, such as getting dressed or brushing my teeth. Some days my puff would just not work due to shrinkage and I would just embrace the compacted afro and adorn it with a lovely flower or headband. No need to get frustrated! Once I fell asleep on my afro and smashed the side. I inserted a nice comb in there and rocked a fierce side-fro. I got so many compliments on an accidental hairstyle. I get creative instead of frustrated with my hair!

The minute I stopped comparing my hair and started embracing it for its own unique beauty and qualities, I never had another bad hair day. I learned to “listen” to my hair. I pay attention to when it needs moisture as opposed to lubrication or protein as opposed to conditioning. I understand that I have 3 different textures and that all of them require different amount of product. I stopped looking at what products did to others hair and started understanding what types of products I needed to get the best out of my hair.

I experiment with different hairstyles and like certain fashion trends, no matter how cute it looks on someone else, it may just not be for me! However, I have recognized which styles and looks do work best with my hair and I work those the best that I can.

For those of you that are still getting used to your natural hair, find one thing you really do like about your hair and enhance that as much as you can! Your confidence alone is enough to make any hairstyle extra beautiful!

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