Hair Garden Brings Back Bows!

Hello, beauties! Anyone who has known me for a while knows I love a good hair accessory! My original go-to was always some sort of flower. I would get creative and create all types of designs! I had a variety of flower adorned combs, clips and pins.

One day I had an accident with my hot glue gun and decided to shelve my hairdos making project for a while.

Now I am ready to create again, only very carefully this time! Ha ha! I have started making a few headbands and clips so far. What do you think?

I’ll post more of my accessories as they come along! Thanks for stopping in!


Satin Pillows and Bonnets for Hair Protection!

*Disclaimer: I am not advising towards or advocating anyone to stop wrapping up their hair at night. This is merely an account of a carefree natural!

Greetings, my lovely people! It has been a while since I dropped in, as usual, but I do have quite a bit of updating to do along the next couple of days! I have added some brand new items to the Hair Garden Nursery and I have also revisited and restocked some items from the past!!

The first set of Hair Garden’s hair care items I want to share are the new sleep care accessories! I decided to break in my sewing machine and have created lovely satin-lined pillows and bonnets to protect your hair while you rest!

Personally, I DO NOT wrap my hair at night unless it is completely necessary. In the past, I couldn’t sleep well unless my hair was secured. However, time passed and I would occasionally go to sleep without securing my hair, especially in the warmer months! There would be some nights where I would awaken suddenly from discomfort only to find that my scarf was soaked with sweat therefore causing my hair to be damp with sweat. That defeated the purpose of protecting my hair style overnight, right?

After a few of those occurrences, I stopped wrapping my hair at night and I loved it!!! It has been about 7 years since I last tied my hair on a regular basis. With the assistance of satin pillowcases, I was able to pull off avoiding that nightly routine. Occasionally, I would wear a bonnet or wrap if the hair style absolutely called for it.

Now, we all know that I love my African fabric! I acquired some lovely material when I visited Ghana last year to make my own pillows, headwraps and other crafts but had a time getting to know my sewing machine! After a break and determination I got that machine running and started my pillows and bonnets! I started small and moved up in size.

I picked the finest, high-quality satin I could find to go with the African fabric and the rest speaks for itself!

I am proud to add these lovely additions to The Hair Garden Nursery’s line-up in my Etsy shop! I offer pillowcases ranging from $15-35, full pillows range from $25-50. All offer free shipping for a limited time!

Check out some customer photo submissions below!

Hair Garden’s 1st Commercial!

Hello, my lovely people! Oh, how I have missed you all! I have been on a hiatus but am now back to work! I filmed my 1st commercial ad specifically for Paris Hair and Beauty Supplies, the beauty supply store that carries my products! I was pretty proud of the outcome so I wanted to share it with you all!

I introduce 2 of my new products as well- Mango Punch Cleanser and Euca-Mint Conditioner! I will be making another one soon because I have some other hair treats I am working on!

I hope you liked it! I will be updating again pretty soon!

Hair Garden’s New Conditioners!!

Just bottled up some samples and an order. Now lids and labels!
Just bottled up some samples and an order. Now lids and labels!

Greetings, blossoms! I am so excited to introduce two of my latest products to you all! I have developed two unique conditioners that are great for the hair!  Please welcome The Hair Garden’s Mango Punch Conditioner and Avocado Shea Moisturizer! Both conditioners provide great benefits depending on your hair needs!

The Mango Punch Conditioner is a thick conditioner with mango butter, soy butter, olive oil, strengthening silk protein and essential oils! It has an amazing fruity, mango scent that everyone loves! This product can be used as a rinse or a leave-in to tame frizz and aid in manageability.



Mango Punch Conditioner. 2oz ($1)sample size and 8oz ($8) original size.
Mango Punch Conditioner. 2 oz ($1)sample size and 8 oz ($8) original size.


The Avocado Shea Moisturizer is a light daily moisturizer bursting with aloe vera, shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, amino acids and essential oils. This product is great for detangling, baggying and day-to-day styling. Comes in Vanilla Bouquet, a wonderful vanilla-sandalwood fragrance.



Avocado Shea samples waiting on labels!
Avocado Shea samples waiting on labels! 2 oz($1), 8 oz ($6)

I have listed these products in my Etsy shop!

Healing Clay for Beautiful Skin!

Growing up, I would see the women on television with their fancy facial masks on. I had no idea why they wore them, all I know is they were usually associated with some sort of comic relief. You know the cliché: wife wearing one ruining a “romantic night”, nosey old landlady with her rollers and mask, teen girl scaring the family or being teased by her brother when she come out in her mask.

By my pre-teen years, I started experience little break outs, especially on my chin. I was begging my mom to buy me the Clearasil in the jar or the Queen Helene stuff so I could wear a mask and make all my skin troubles disappear! Oh the stress of pre-teen life! Ha ha!

Masks were fun and I used to do them a lot in my high school years, then when I got to college I stopped. Just couldn’t be bothered anymore, I guess. I used to hate the fact that my skin was oily growing up. I always felt so shiny in every picture! However, now I understand my skin much better now. My teenage curse is sort of an adult blessing because that sebum keeps the skin youthful! I have oily combination skin. I have oily and normal spots but mostly oily ones. I don’t have acne but am constantly plagued with blackheads. I’ve tried many remedies but my favorite so far is the Indian Healing Clay mask.

Can be found at your local beauty supply or natural grocery store!
Can be found at your local beauty supply or natural grocery store!

What’s so great about this clay mask? It is a beauty mask that has been used for centuries. The minerals in it contain a negative charge that pull the positively charged impurities from the pores up to the surface. It also exfoliates and minimizes large pores which also helps regulate sebum production and improves the complexion. You can feel it tightening on your face as it dries. It really tickles at the bridge of my nose and sometimes I can’t bear to keep it on any longer!

First, when mixing your mask, DO NOT use any METAL implements!! They are very clear with this in the directions and many people warned me not to do so and now I am warning you!! Don’t do it!! I mix in a reusable 4 oz plastic bowl with a plastic or wooden spatula designated for my mask mixing.

Plastic mixing cup/bowl and wooden spatula
Plastic mixing cup/bowl and wooden spatula

The clay can be mixed with different things depending on your skin type. Things like distilled water, aloe, essential oils and teas can be added and I have recently heard of including honey with a mask which sounds great! Of course, I recommend raw honey. I like to add apple cider vinegar to my personal mask mix. If I have a breakout I may add a drop or two of tea tree oil. I have also be wanting to try mixing activated charcoal in my masks as well! I will most likely order it online since my search in drug stores has been unsuccessful so far.

Doing some Dead Presidents cos-play
Doing some Dead Presidents cos-play

I mix my clay with apple cider vinegar. If I am having breakouts then I add a single drop of tea tree oil. I have to make sure not to use more than that because it will burn my skin and sting my eyes! I have fallen asleep with my mask on before which I do not recommend. My face was so dry and tight!!

When the mask dries, the instructions recommend to rinse it off with warm water. However, I cannot resist the urge to peel parts of it off first. It works to remove blackheads and starter blackheads sometimes when I use it that way! Once all traces of mask has been removed, I will go back with a soft, fine towel and buff my face with a gentle cleanser. I tone with witch hazel cotton ball and follow with a drop of coconut oil (sometimes mixed with a little aloe) on my face.

Which clay masks have you tried and liked? What do you like to mix in with yours?

Karen’s Body Beautiful Leave-in Review

karen's body beautifulKaren of KBBI keep my styling routine pretty simple but I do like to try different leave-in conditioners and am pretty loyal to the effective ones. I tried a new one that I am absolutely delighted with: Karen’s Body Beautiful sweet ambrosia leave-in conditioner lavender vanilla scent!

I liked everything about the product so far and it passed my leave-in conditioner tests. I was fortunate enough to meet Karen herself when I purchased I the conditioner as well! She is such a beautiful woman with a warm and inviting spirit and beautiful hair to boot, so I was already pretty much sold on the product! It cost me about $15. It would be totally worth it as long as the product delivers so I was anticipating the personal test!

I couldn’t wait to cleanse my hair and try this out! After a great co-wash and ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse I towel blotted my hair and prepared to twist my hair to let it air dry. I always cut my leave-in conditioner with an oil when applying and coconut oil was my choice this time around. For each twist, I used about a silver dollar-sized amount mixed with a nickel-sized amount of coconut oil per twist. I did about 10 twists with my oil and conditioner combo and my hair felt great so far.

I have to wait until my hair dries completely before I can best determine whether or not it is best for me. Well, this one definitely is! It smells great and my hair was soft and amazing after it dried! The next morning when I took the twists apart, my hair was soft, there was no shedding and my hair looked shiny and healthy. I even got some compliments on my hair. It hasn’t felt this soft since right after my avocado deep conditioner! This product is definitely going to be part of my hair maintenance routine!

This product may work well for your depending on the needs of your hair. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great leave-in conditioner. You can find this product at your nearest Target or visit her online at!

Thanks for visiting my page!