Refreshing Red Haircolor!

Greetings, to to all! Got a haircolor video to share! I’m so forgetful when it comes to taking a photo of the final look! I promise I’m going to do better!

I lifted her roots to a level 6/7 and refreshed her red color using two parts #Igora L-89 and one part #Chi 8RR with 30 volume. I rodded her with red, yellow and pink perm rods for a tight long lasting curl. Check it out! I hope you like!–imI

Big Chop and Braids!

Greetings, everyone! I wanted to share a short video of a big chop I did earlier this week!

I had a client with natural hair that had been wearing sew-ins and for a while and had damaged parts of her hair from using flat irons. She wanted all the damage gone and the rest of her hair cut to an even length. We followed that with feed-in braids to give her a low maintenance style while growing re-growing her hair.

I used shears to cut her hair and used Hair Garden’s Mint cleanser and Mango Punch Conditioner. We are looking forward to returning her to a full, healthy head of hair!

Please post any questions or comments and thanks for visiting my blog!

Maintaining My Barber Cut!

Hello, lovelies! As I shared with you all a couple of months ago (on YouTube), I got a drastic haircut. Many call it the Big Chop but I just consider it a regular old hair cut. I was natural before the cut so I wasn’t embarking on anything drastically new except this new fire cut!😎

I’ve had short hair before so I didn’t think much about keeping it up. However, I have been asked more than once how I maintain my shorter hair. In this video I discuss why I decided to cut my hair, my maintenance regimen and the costs of maintaining a shorter do!

I enjoy interacting with you all! Any questions and positive suggestions are welcomed! Thanks for checking me out!


Hair Garden Nursery’s Braid Workshop For Moms!

Hello everyone! After many requests and much planning I have put together a braiding class for moms!

Many bring their children to the salons to have their hair styled but maintenance at home is just as important!

In this 3.5 hour class, you will learn basic braiding (plaits), cornrowing, twisting and coiling. This class also teaches how to prep for styling. This class is great for moms of children with beginner locs as well!

This class will include a Hair Garden sample set, gel, clips and rat tail comb. You bring your own brush and wide toothed comb!

Limited spaces available to ensure a quality and comfortable learning environment! Reserve your spot today! More classes may be available depending on requests!

“Hair Garden Nursery’s Braid Workshop For Moms ” on Eventbrite!

Date: Sat, Mar 31, 10:00 AM

Location: The Hair Garden Nursery

I’ve added another date, April 7th, for your convenience! Here is the link for that date!

“Hair Garden Nursery’s Braid Workshop For Moms #2” on Eventbrite!

Date: Sat, Apr 7, 10:00 AM

Location: The Hair Garden Nursery

Please contact me if you have any questions! Thank you!


Hair Garden’s 1st Commercial!

Hello, my lovely people! Oh, how I have missed you all! I have been on a hiatus but am now back to work! I filmed my 1st commercial ad specifically for Paris Hair and Beauty Supplies, the beauty supply store that carries my products! I was pretty proud of the outcome so I wanted to share it with you all!

I introduce 2 of my new products as well- Mango Punch Cleanser and Euca-Mint Conditioner! I will be making another one soon because I have some other hair treats I am working on!

I hope you liked it! I will be updating again pretty soon!

Versatile Natural Hair Updo by Aphropuphs

Greetings, Blossoms! Today I traveled out to style a friend I have been styling since I was braiding on my bean bag out of my college dorm!

She wanted a low maintenance protective style so I created this lovely braid and twist updo combination for her!

Starting off, I detangled and pre-conditioned her hair with Hair Garden’s Peppermint Avocado Shea moisturizer. She had just come out of some two-strand twists I did for her and had a couple of months prior. I shampooed her with Hair Garden Cleanser and followed with the Mango Punch conditioner which I lightly rinsed out. I sectioned her out and blew her dry with the original Avocado Shea moisturizer. I used the mint formula as a moisturizer on her roots and scalp before braiding. This is because I included a special blend of essential oils known for their natural numbing and pain relieving properties. I wanted her to experience the least discomfort and damage possible since she had a lot of manipulation going on with her scalp within a short window of time.


Her hair is cornrowed on the side and 2-strand twisted down the center in a mohawk style. I rodded the ends with drinking straws, secured them with bobbi pins and dipped them in hot water. I rolled the back up and secured it with hair pins. I pinned any additional pieces that were hanging too low in the front.

She has versatility with this style because it is still very wearable outside of the pinned up style with the cute curly ends! I was so excited to get to the end result that I didn’t take a picture of it before I pinned it! Next time I want to try this with smaller cornrows or flat twists.

Live in the Atlanta, or Augusta area and interested in booking an appointment? E-mail me at to find out the dates I will be in your area!!

Common Types of Hair Loss: Traction Alopecia

I love styling natural hair and am a proud advocate for it. Over the years I have witnessed and helped transition so many beautiful women into their natural hair. They were all at different points in their journeys and all had different reasons for wanting to go natural. One of the most reoccurring factors was abnormal hair loss. Certain types of hair loss is what encouraged me to develop the Hair Garden products that I had been using on them.

Alopecia, pronounced “ah-lo-pee-she-ah”, is generally defined as abnormal hair loss that can be caused by a variety of reasons. There are so many different types of alopecia that affect people. Some can be treated and cured while there are others simply cannot and will proceed until there is complete hair loss. There are several different types of alopecia affecting people but there is one in particular that I would like to discuss today.


Traction Alopecia – This is caused by excessive and repeated stress on the scalp and follicles. Things like tight ponytails and braids, rough combing, impatiently removing hairstyles like braids and extensions. Even frequent friction from things like caps, headbands and headrests can accelerate hair loss.

Hair Follicle

When the hair strand is prematurely forced from the follicle you feel pain, right? Maybe even see a drop of blood? This is because the strand is attached to a dermal papilla where there is blood flow and nerve endings. This is where the physical hair growth starts. Right above that is where your sebaceous glands and follicle opening are. When the hair is forced out of the follicle, it becomes inflamed. The area swells from the trauma and to aid in protecting against infection. This irritation causes us to scratch which opens the area and exposes it to infection. This is when you get the small pus bumps that resemble whiteheads. This type of constant trauma and infection to the follicles is not healthy and does not provide a good environment for healthy growth. This sometimes can lead to the follicle shutting down completely and skin growing over it leading to permanent hair loss.

traction alopecia
traction alopecia

The hair can be completely restored from this type of alopecia IF the trauma being placed on the scalp and follicle stops!

Before I go any further, I want to stress how important it is not to style children’s hair in very tight hairstyles! This type of trauma on the follicles while they are still developing (see insert article) can cause irreversible damage and even resulting in permanent hair loss! Just imagine how that could affect their self-esteem in their adolescent and adult years! Simply tame that developing hair, don’t restrain it!!

This type of alopecia can be avoided by going to an experienced braider that can properly apply the correct tension and/or use the right amount of hair extensions for your hair type and texture. Proper style maintenance can definitely help. This includes wearing the style for a reasonable amount of time, properly cleansing, and adequately lubricating and moisturizing the hair!

I personally feel that it is important to keep the scalp clean when wearing protective styles for an extended amount of time. The follicles are under stress when they are in a pulled hairstyle and you don’t want all types of external debris invading and possibly clogging it. If you would rather not shampoo/cleanse, opt for a dry shampoo, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel or some type of gentle astringent to clean the scalp.

Also, stimulation to the scalp is greatly beneficial. This includes steaming, massage and exfoliation. This helps with growth because it stimulates blood flow to the scalp, helps regulate sebum flow, aids in removing dead and excess skin from the scalp and opening follicles. Including these things in your regimen can definitely help restore growth and aid in accelerating slow growth!

Hair Garden "Herbal Tea" tree-tment
Hair Garden “Herbal Tea” tree-tment

This is why a developed my Hair Garden “Herbal Tea” Tree-tment Oil. I combined a blend of strengthening, healing and stimulating herbs infused in a blend of balancing, rich and lubricating oils. Many have found this oil very effective with regular use. Especially when used in combination with the Hair Garden Cleanser.

I will go over the other common types of alopecia in future posts! I hope you found this one beneficial! Thanks for stopping by!




Give Your Locs A Clean Start!!


When it comes to locking hair, I am strong believer in technique and not relying heavily on product. Many people want quick results in eager anticipation of wearing their lovely locked styles and are willing to try almost anything. Stylists want to give those quick results and they end up doing what I call “plastering the hair together” rather than letting it lock naturally as it will eventually do anyway. I compare it “plastering” because of the dependence of the product to lock the hair rather than maintenance techniques.

Why you don’t need tons of product. A majority of the clients who sit in my chair for locs will have some sort of curl or wave pattern (I will discuss locking straighter and resistant hair textures in another post). This type of hair naturally forms some type of helix. The job of the stylist is the aid the matting process of the cylindrically formed tendrils. The hair is going to lock! What you don’t want is the remaining buildup of the waxy, sticky products that have been repeatedly in your newly formed and maturing locs.

The loc start-up process
The loc start-up process

Where the trouble begins. The most common method I see many stylists use to start locs is the coil or comb twist method with a locking product. It is best done on wet or damp hair and product is used to smooth and reinforce the coil. Many are convinced that they have to go the 6 week to almost even 9 months without cleansing their hair for it to lock!!! I’ve seen people attempt to go longer, don’t do this!!! This is where the initial trouble begins.

How the problem becomes worse. Along with the product being trapped in your hair with no release, you are also trapping your personal debris (scalp flakes, sweat, natural oils etc), environmental debris and everything else in your hair. The pH of your scalp is now changing to help battle some of this growing amount of debris being left of the scalp. This for some causes increased irritation and can lead to some infections of the scalp that could even become chronic. I have had to clarify so many heads of locked hair that have come my way due to these tactics. I have started locks of all hair textures and sizes while still cleansing the hair regularly with water and cleanser.

Locs going through the clarifying process.
Locs going through the clarifying process.

You didn’t listen now look what happened. In my opinion, some natural things are fine to use in the hair as long as the hair is being cleansed regularly. Keep in mind that even with regular cleansing, due to the meshing of the hair, you may not be able to remove all traces of product. Also, you want to consider the lifestyle and scalp condition of the person that you are using these products on especially if you are suggesting that they do not cleanse the hair with water and cleanser. I have had clients that have had their locs started with everything from honey, shea butter, beeswax/wax (I despise it) along with a combination of locking products that eventually cause what I like to call “loc sludge”. Loc sludge can affect the health, color, smell, weight, manageability, etc of your locs. This sludge can be found my wringing the locs once they have become saturated with warm water and a little bit of clarifier. It’s not a pretty sight.

An alternative to water? The dry shampooing is a good option also, but in my opinion, only to an extent. Yes, the scalp is clean but what about the debris collected in the loc itself? It will only find its way right back to the scalp and it will continue to collect more buildup with continued application of product during maintenance and grooming.

What should be used then, know it all? When it comes to loc maintenance, I like to go for more natural options such as aloe, oils, light butters, and even some light, alcohol-free gels. I prefer products that rinse clean from the hair and are safe to be absorbed by the body. I keep the products used in the hair as simple as possible because the client should be carrying positive energy in their locs, not sludge!!

Below is a picture of one of the gels that I recommend and is a favorite of mine for locs.

Joie Gel
Joie Gel

Questions and comments are welcomed! Thank you for stopping by The Hair Garden!


When Someone Tramples Your Hair Garden #2

Greetings my lovelies! Earlier this year my hair went through some trauma due to being handled without care as I described in my first entry of When Someone Tramples Your Hair Garden. It was time to take down those traumatized ends and I was looking forward to it!! Here is a quick reminder below of where I was before the salon visit and what I ended up with once I took down the style.


I grabbed my shears and took matters into my own hands. I took off about 3 inches of damage. I still have about another inch or two to remove in some specific areas before I am completely satisfied with the overall health of my ends. I could have taken it all of the damage off at one time, but for it to be even, it would require me to cut a lot of undamaged hair as well. I have different textures of hair on my head so some parts took more of a beating than others. There was also some damage done near the roots with the thread used to bind my hair but not as severe. I am treating that with protein.

After the initial trim
After the initial trim

The photo above is following the initial trim from the blown out hair at the very top of the article. You can see the new fullness of the ends. It looks a little blocky right now but that is because of  1) how I have it parted and 2) my  shrinkage from different textures.

80% of the time I let my hair air dry in some sort of stretched style such as a braidout, twistout, or banding so it will be even for my daily wear. You can also see the difference in texture much better in post-cut photo. The back has a looser curl pattern and fluffier texture than the top. The top and sides of my hair has a smaller and tighter curl pattern and is more dense. I had to keep this in mind when cutting.

For my professionals, I began the cut in a 180º  because of the damage at the top and then went back and evened everything out with a 90º to make sure I got the rest of the damage on the sides AND to keep the rounded shape that I prefer to wear my afro hair in.

Final Results
Final Results

After the cut, I conditioned my hair with my avocado protein conditioner for about an hour and blew it out after a lot of t-shirt blotting due to time restrictions and the cold weather! I used my Hair Garden Softener, Karen’s Body Beautiful Leave-in, and Shea Radiance Thermal Protection before I blew it out.

I am very happy with the results of my trim and my new bounciness my hair has gotten! I am looking forward to the next trim when I remove my protective style! I currently have my hair in box braids which I will share with in an upcoming post!

Thank s for visiting The Hair Garden!

After the Avocado Pre-Poo!

Here are the results after my avocado pre-poo and whipped coconut milk cleanser! Of course, the outcome was great as I expected! The video is on my styling routine once my hair completely dried. I don’t care about getting definition out of my twist outs and braid outs on my own hair. I like to secure it in some type of way as it air dries so I can wear it in my afro without tons of tangles. I have found that this routine works best on my hair in particular!

Hope you enjoy the video! 🙂


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