Big Chop and Braids!

Greetings, everyone! I wanted to share a short video of a big chop I did earlier this week!

I had a client with natural hair that had been wearing sew-ins and for a while and had damaged parts of her hair from using flat irons. She wanted all the damage gone and the rest of her hair cut to an even length. We followed that with feed-in braids to give her a low maintenance style while growing re-growing her hair.

I used shears to cut her hair and used Hair Garden’s Mint cleanser and Mango Punch Conditioner. We are looking forward to returning her to a full, healthy head of hair!

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Braided Loc Updo: 1 Style, 2 Beautiful Options!


Hi, Lovelies! I want to share a loc style that I did over the weekend with you! I was able to create 2 great looks out of one style!

I added a little color throughout to highlight her beautiful locs. I then shampooed and conditioned this Blossoms locs with Hair Garden’s Cleanser and Mango Punch Conditioner and used the “Herbal Tea” Tree-tment on her scalp and new growth during the re-twisting process with  an occasional dab of EcoStyler. She sat under the warm dryer for about 45 minutes for we began styling.

Look #1

The locs were braided up diagonally and pinned at the crown of the head with some left draping at the sides. I over-hand braided that hair and pinned it at the bottom.


Additional styling option: The braid in the front can be taken down later for a wavy effect on the locs!

Look #2

Look #2 is my favorite! The locs were dampened with water and I added a little setting lotion before wrapping them on small perm rods. We could not find the color pipe cleaners we needed so I went with this beautiful alternative.


She sat under a warm dryer (medium heat) for about 45 minutes. I removed the rods and pinned the curls so they were secure and not dangling.

Additional styling options: Remove the hair pins for longer, looser curls. It can also be pinned up entirely into a curly bun!

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Roller Set on Relaxed Hair

Hello! I know I usually post only about natural hair but I do all types of hair! I have some clients with relaxed hair that come to be because they like their hair treated with natural products and other natural styling options.

This client wanted a simple color rinse and roller set. I colored her roots with a level 2 brown semi-permanent rinse and placed her under the steamer for about 10 minutes after cleansing and conditioning with Hair Garden products.

I used Paul Mitchell Sculpting Lotion on her wet hair for a little extended wear on the curls. I set her with large and medium magnetic rollers and she sat under the dryer for about an hour.


Once she was dry, I pinned the back up into a simple updo and lightly broke up some of the curls on the top.

This style can be done on any texture of hair! You can put your own twist on this updo!

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Cornrows and a Bun

Greetings, beautiful! Cornrowing has to be one of my favorite styles to do. It was what made me fall in love with hair. It is relaxing for me. I love creating designs in a persons hair and achieving different looks. The latest style I did was this gorgeous cornrow style with a loose high bun.


This look is low maintenance requiring only a little oil on the scalp and hair occasionally and tying it up before bed or exercise. This style can last her 2-3 weeks with proper maintenance.

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Versatile Natural Hair Updo by Aphropuphs

Greetings, Blossoms! Today I traveled out to style a friend I have been styling since I was braiding on my bean bag out of my college dorm!

She wanted a low maintenance protective style so I created this lovely braid and twist updo combination for her!

Starting off, I detangled and pre-conditioned her hair with Hair Garden’s Peppermint Avocado Shea moisturizer. She had just come out of some two-strand twists I did for her and had a couple of months prior. I shampooed her with Hair Garden Cleanser and followed with the Mango Punch conditioner which I lightly rinsed out. I sectioned her out and blew her dry with the original Avocado Shea moisturizer. I used the mint formula as a moisturizer on her roots and scalp before braiding. This is because I included a special blend of essential oils known for their natural numbing and pain relieving properties. I wanted her to experience the least discomfort and damage possible since she had a lot of manipulation going on with her scalp within a short window of time.


Her hair is cornrowed on the side and 2-strand twisted down the center in a mohawk style. I rodded the ends with drinking straws, secured them with bobbi pins and dipped them in hot water. I rolled the back up and secured it with hair pins. I pinned any additional pieces that were hanging too low in the front.

She has versatility with this style because it is still very wearable outside of the pinned up style with the cute curly ends! I was so excited to get to the end result that I didn’t take a picture of it before I pinned it! Next time I want to try this with smaller cornrows or flat twists.

Live in the Atlanta, or Augusta area and interested in booking an appointment? E-mail me at to find out the dates I will be in your area!!

Natural Hair Spiral Set

Hello, lovelies! This past week has been a busy one for me! As soon as I returned from my trip to Florida for the wedding, I packed up my portable salon equipment and headed to Augusta. I have some great clients there and I always go back to provide my services! Here is another beautiful head of natural hair that I got the chance to style.


When I am busy doing hair I often get carried away with the process and forget to take pictures. I am getting better with it! It can also get a little time-consuming and I like to get my clients in and out of the chair as quickly as possible.


I placed some color in random areas to give her a nice pop of color. I blended a copper color with a medium blond to give her a nice rich golden brown color in her highlights. I followed with a nice trim and a spiral set using a combination of flexi rods and perm rods. I set her hair with Paul Mitchell Sculpting Lotion.

I truly feel for my clients when they have to sit under the dryer. It is something I have always tried to avoid doing and am so impatient with. Her hair was so thick so it was taking forever for it to dry!


The finished result was nice spiral set. You can se her highlights a little bit in these pictures. I wish I could have gotten a better shot but this better than I usually do!

I always enjoy my time with my clients when I got o Augusta and always look forward to going back!

Hair Garden’s New Conditioners!!

Just bottled up some samples and an order. Now lids and labels!
Just bottled up some samples and an order. Now lids and labels!

Greetings, blossoms! I am so excited to introduce two of my latest products to you all! I have developed two unique conditioners that are great for the hair!  Please welcome The Hair Garden’s Mango Punch Conditioner and Avocado Shea Moisturizer! Both conditioners provide great benefits depending on your hair needs!

The Mango Punch Conditioner is a thick conditioner with mango butter, soy butter, olive oil, strengthening silk protein and essential oils! It has an amazing fruity, mango scent that everyone loves! This product can be used as a rinse or a leave-in to tame frizz and aid in manageability.



Mango Punch Conditioner. 2oz ($1)sample size and 8oz ($8) original size.
Mango Punch Conditioner. 2 oz ($1)sample size and 8 oz ($8) original size.


The Avocado Shea Moisturizer is a light daily moisturizer bursting with aloe vera, shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, amino acids and essential oils. This product is great for detangling, baggying and day-to-day styling. Comes in Vanilla Bouquet, a wonderful vanilla-sandalwood fragrance.



Avocado Shea samples waiting on labels!
Avocado Shea samples waiting on labels! 2 oz($1), 8 oz ($6)

I have listed these products in my Etsy shop!

D.I.M. (Did It Myself!) Styling Series: Box Braid Lover

Greetings, Blossoms! I want to share my latest protective style with you all! I have always been a fan of box braids of all sizes, lengths and colors! Around this time of year I always get the urge to treat myself to some nice braids. This season I chose medium-sized braids due to inspiration from my dear cousin!

I’m also going to explain to you in the process how you can still go out in public and still look presentable without having to wear a scarf or hat. I forgot to take pics of that part, you guys. I’m sorry! Can you ever forgive me! 😦

So let’s get started! Although, doing my own box braids can be time-consuming and a little tiring, I know my hair is in well-trained and caring hands, I take pride in my work and it is cost-effective!

I used my favorite type of kanekalon hair! The kind manufactured in Africa! I’ve purchased hair so far made in Senegal and Nigeria! I prefer this brand because of the quality of the hair. It has a: nice stretch, the texture is easy to work with, provides a beautiful finished look, does not bead when burned, and does not tangle. I highly recommend this hair to consumers and braiders.


I first was able to find and purchase this hair with no problem when I was living in Savannah, GA. However, I now reside in Atlanta, GA and how amazing is it that I could no longer find this hair! I had a little bit left to carry around as a sample but none of the beauty supply stores seemed to even know what I was talking about! I ended up ordering it online. I didn’t get the exact brand I purchased before though. At first, I thought the X-pressions brand was exclusive to Outré but others seem to carry it as well. I am still doing my research on it.

The braiding process took small sessions across the span of 4 days in all to complete. I have put strain on my hands over the years from binge braiding so I have learned a process that lets me take my time and makes it so much easier on my hands!

Day 1 and 2, I spent about 3 hours each day completing the front and sides. At the end of day 1 I have enough braids to pull back and feign a bun if. The nape is exposed but with crafty pinning it can be well masked!

Left: Day 1, Right: Day 2
Left: Day 1, Right: Day 2

Day 3  spent 3 hours completing the back

Sorry for the blur, awkward angle!
Sorry for the blur, awkward angle!

Day 4 I completed the crown and dipped the ends in boiling water to secure them. Burning the ends ruins my clothes and irritates my skin mercilessly.

Finished results!
Finished results!

Due to the freshness of the braids and the new weight my follicles are carrying, I like to wear my braids in a bun to relieve some of the initial tension. I wear them down for about a day since that is the direction in which they were installed then I gently ease them up into a bun for about a week until I take them down to shampoo them. By then my scalp is not as tender and sensitive to the movement of the braids and I can wear them more freely!


Once I pin my hair up, it last until I take it down with no problems. A young lady asked how I kept my bun in tact and it inspired me to do a video so that will be coming soon!

Thanks for sharing my braid experience!


When Someone Tramples Your Hair Garden #2

Greetings my lovelies! Earlier this year my hair went through some trauma due to being handled without care as I described in my first entry of When Someone Tramples Your Hair Garden. It was time to take down those traumatized ends and I was looking forward to it!! Here is a quick reminder below of where I was before the salon visit and what I ended up with once I took down the style.


I grabbed my shears and took matters into my own hands. I took off about 3 inches of damage. I still have about another inch or two to remove in some specific areas before I am completely satisfied with the overall health of my ends. I could have taken it all of the damage off at one time, but for it to be even, it would require me to cut a lot of undamaged hair as well. I have different textures of hair on my head so some parts took more of a beating than others. There was also some damage done near the roots with the thread used to bind my hair but not as severe. I am treating that with protein.

After the initial trim
After the initial trim

The photo above is following the initial trim from the blown out hair at the very top of the article. You can see the new fullness of the ends. It looks a little blocky right now but that is because of  1) how I have it parted and 2) my  shrinkage from different textures.

80% of the time I let my hair air dry in some sort of stretched style such as a braidout, twistout, or banding so it will be even for my daily wear. You can also see the difference in texture much better in post-cut photo. The back has a looser curl pattern and fluffier texture than the top. The top and sides of my hair has a smaller and tighter curl pattern and is more dense. I had to keep this in mind when cutting.

For my professionals, I began the cut in a 180º  because of the damage at the top and then went back and evened everything out with a 90º to make sure I got the rest of the damage on the sides AND to keep the rounded shape that I prefer to wear my afro hair in.

Final Results
Final Results

After the cut, I conditioned my hair with my avocado protein conditioner for about an hour and blew it out after a lot of t-shirt blotting due to time restrictions and the cold weather! I used my Hair Garden Softener, Karen’s Body Beautiful Leave-in, and Shea Radiance Thermal Protection before I blew it out.

I am very happy with the results of my trim and my new bounciness my hair has gotten! I am looking forward to the next trim when I remove my protective style! I currently have my hair in box braids which I will share with in an upcoming post!

Thank s for visiting The Hair Garden!

Perm Rod Set on a Fauxhawk

Greetings! Many of you who know me know that I am a simple, afro-wearing girl. I love to do other people’s hair but do not always have the patience for my own. I decided that this year I would try a lot more things with my hair and I am excited to share those things with you! The style I am wearing this week is a fauxhawk set with perm rods!! I always veered away from rods setting my hair because I felt like it would be too time consuming and I despise sitting under the dryer!!!

I started with freshly deep conditioned and trimmed hair! I t-shirt blotted my hair, applied some leave-in and braided 3 cornrows on one side and 2 on the other. I wanted more slant on one side.  😉

wpid-20150205_100100-1.jpgI mixed a few pumps of Nairobi foam wrap with water to dampen my hair if it got too dry during the wrapping process. I used a small dab of Eco Styler to smooth the frizzy areas and fly aways during wrapping as well.

I rolled the first section of hair in my bang area with the smaller white rods for a tighter curl in the front and began with the purple then peach ones.



Wrapping didn’t take as long as I anticipated. I didn’t have to be anywhere until lunchtime so I happily let them dry overnight. The fact that I did not wrap them soaking wet aided in the quicker drying process.




I initially fell asleep on the sofa without wrapping my hair, but before I got in bed I wrapped it up. I just knew my hair was going to be super frizzy but it was fine. It even inspired my little “freestyle” on the way to work. The next morning, I checked a few rods and they were completely dry. I sat under the hair dryer set at low for 15 minutes to help set the curl in. I let it cool for another 15 minutes and then began to take them down.


Here are the final results! I will be doing this more often! It’s quick and will last me until my next cleansing and is low maintenance! I am all for that!

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