Maintaining My Barber Cut!

Hello, lovelies! As I shared with you all a couple of months ago (on YouTube), I got a drastic haircut. Many call it the Big Chop but I just consider it a regular old hair cut. I was natural before the cut so I wasn’t embarking on anything drastically new except this new fire cut!😎

I’ve had short hair before so I didn’t think much about keeping it up. However, I have been asked more than once how I maintain my shorter hair. In this video I discuss why I decided to cut my hair, my maintenance regimen and the costs of maintaining a shorter do!

I enjoy interacting with you all! Any questions and positive suggestions are welcomed! Thanks for checking me out!


Versatile Natural Hair Updo by Aphropuphs

Greetings, Blossoms! Today I traveled out to style a friend I have been styling since I was braiding on my bean bag out of my college dorm!

She wanted a low maintenance protective style so I created this lovely braid and twist updo combination for her!

Starting off, I detangled and pre-conditioned her hair with Hair Garden’s Peppermint Avocado Shea moisturizer. She had just come out of some two-strand twists I did for her and had a couple of months prior. I shampooed her with Hair Garden Cleanser and followed with the Mango Punch conditioner which I lightly rinsed out. I sectioned her out and blew her dry with the original Avocado Shea moisturizer. I used the mint formula as a moisturizer on her roots and scalp before braiding. This is because I included a special blend of essential oils known for their natural numbing and pain relieving properties. I wanted her to experience the least discomfort and damage possible since she had a lot of manipulation going on with her scalp within a short window of time.


Her hair is cornrowed on the side and 2-strand twisted down the center in a mohawk style. I rodded the ends with drinking straws, secured them with bobbi pins and dipped them in hot water. I rolled the back up and secured it with hair pins. I pinned any additional pieces that were hanging too low in the front.

She has versatility with this style because it is still very wearable outside of the pinned up style with the cute curly ends! I was so excited to get to the end result that I didn’t take a picture of it before I pinned it! Next time I want to try this with smaller cornrows or flat twists.

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My 1st Natural Hairstyle Slideshow!

Greetings! I have done so many natural hairstyles over the years! Unfortunately, I lost a lot of them over the years but these are some I was able to find. These are all styles I did on other people. All of the people in these photos have natural hair. From locs to braids to presses, there is plenty of styling versatility with natural hair!

I will have some DIY hairstyling videos coming soon! Thanks for visiting my page!


8 Reasons You Should Be Using Peppermint Oil!!!


Peppermint oil is one of my staple essential oils. It’s not only good for the hair but for my overall wellness. It is may favorite because it is very pleasing to all of the senses and has many benefits both externally and internally. There is so much versatility in its use because it is both calming soothing as well as stimulating and invigorating. There are so many amazing uses for this oil but I am just going to talk about the way that I use it for now!

Here is a list of the great benefits I get from this oil:

  1. Aids in Digestion. Peppermint helps calm the stomach muscles and allows food and bile to flow through and be broken down easier. It can be taken by methods such as peppermint tea or capsules. In a bind and can’t find those things? Try peppermint candy (beware of sugar) or using a peppermint toothpaste or mouthwash.
  2. Upset Stomach or Gas. Peppermint helps sooth the discomfort of these stomach pains by calming the stomach and abdominal muscles and giving a numbing effect to the nerve endings in that area. It also has some antibacterial properties that may help regulate any bacterial imbalance causing bloating, gas and discomfort. I recommend peppermint tea and capsules for internal use. For external use, mix peppermint oil with a carrier such as olive or jojoba and apply to the lower abdominal area.
  3. Scalp Care. I use peppermint in several of my cleanser recipes. More than anything, I simply adore the cool and tingly feeling my scalp has afterwards, especially because I usually cleanse before bed. It helps lullaby me right to sleep. The peppermint helps relax the muscles of the scalp and follicle in particular. This in combination with stimulation helps regulate sebum flow so there are less impurities lodged in the follicles. Regulated sebum flow also means more lubrication for scalp. I also use in deep conditioners or mix with a carrier oil and apply directly to the scalp.
  4. Hair Growth.  Adding massage and manipulation when using this oil increases blood flow to the area even more. This added stimulation also encourages hair growth because the more nutrients delivered to the surface of the skin the more nutrients for the follicle to absorb to produce hair! I blend into my cleansers or mix with a carrier oil and massage directly into the scalp.
  5. Dandruff. Peppermint oil helps balance the pH of your scalp because it contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. It can kill some bacteria which can reduce the production of excess flakes. As stated above, this helps regulate your natural sebum flow which also contains anti-dandruff properties. I blend into my cleansers or mix with a carrier oil and massage directly into the scalp.
  6. Pain Relief. As I mentioned before, peppermint oil has numbing properties, so I use it for pain relief for everything from menstrual pains to headaches. It is great to use before and after styles that leave your scalp feeling sensitive or irritated due to manipulation. It is excellent when paired with lavender oil. Mix with carrier oil and apply directly to the scalp.
  7. Congestion Relief. When I am feeling congested I just simmer or steam some peppermint oil and take it in. I also like to mix with a carrier oil and apply on my chest as a rub. There are other oils that can be used in place of or in combination with these oils for increased benefit such as menthol and eucalyptus. Peppermint tea is a good alternative as well.
  8. Bug Repellent! I discovered this use when I was living in Savannah! Big spiders would spin webs right above my door and I would always get it tangled in my hair along with other scary things on a regular basis. I mixed several drops of peppermint oil with water and cooking oil in a spray bottle and sprayed it around my door. Problem solved!! Spiders do not like peppermint oil. The menthol irritates their senses.

Hopefully, now, you understand why I always keep peppermint oil handy!

Peppermint oil has many benefits but make sure it is safe for you and use in moderation! Some natural things aren’t the best option for everyone depending on allergies, age, and other preexisting medical conditions. How do you use peppermint oil? Thanks for stopping by!


Detangling For Healthy Hair!

There are many things that assist in hassle-free detangling. I discuss different conditioning options to aid in manageability of natural hair but the tools you use are important part of the process as well.

The only time I run a comb or paddle brush through my hair from scalp to the ends is when it is completely wet or saturated with a good leave-in conditioner! I may even detangle in the shower with the water running through it and do a few chunky twists in the shower. I only pick and finger style my hair in between cleansings but I DO NOT comb my afro hair while it is bone dry. It is mandatory that I use a wide-toothed comb to detangle as well.

wide tooth comb

When you want to create a smooth appearance, you are typically working to pull the strands tighter and closer together right? For example, you would use a fine toothed comb or boar bristle brush to smooth hair around your edges (temples, forehead area, nape). A big, wide-toothed comb would not be your number one choice of comb to smooth your hair, right? Exactly, because the more space between the teeth/bristles, the farther apart the tangles are being pulled so less strands are being put under stress. With a fine-toothed comb, more strands being drawn tighter and placed under more stress, due to the comb having more teeth that are closer together.

For detangling, select a comb that is wide enough to separate your strands with minimal effort. I always test out my detangling combs by inserting my index finger between the teeth. It should be able to fit in comfortably! The same is true with your paddle brushes. Your fingers should be able to pass through the bristles comfortably as pictured!

Thanks for reading!