Havana Twists

Hello, Lovelies! I did a couple of Havana twist styles that I wanted to share with you all! There were each done with different types of hair to give a different final result.

This look was done with kinky bulk hair. It took 10 packs of hair and about 4 hours to do! The style will last her about 4-6 weeks.


This look was done with X-pression kanekalon hair. It took about 4 packs of that hair to complete this look. She should be about to wear this look for 4 to 6 weeks as well.

Making progress
Finished look

Both of these looks can be shampooed. I recommend doing an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse after cleansing to reduce lint buildup around the base of the braid. Maintain them by applying oil to the scalp after shampooing and as needed. a light conditioning spray would be great to nourish the ends of your hair in the length of the braids.

Thanks for stopping by!