Hair Garden’s New Conditioners!!

Just bottled up some samples and an order. Now lids and labels!
Just bottled up some samples and an order. Now lids and labels!

Greetings, blossoms! I am so excited to introduce two of my latest products to you all! I have developed two unique conditioners that are great for the hair!  Please welcome The Hair Garden’s Mango Punch Conditioner and Avocado Shea Moisturizer! Both conditioners provide great benefits depending on your hair needs!

The Mango Punch Conditioner is a thick conditioner with mango butter, soy butter, olive oil, strengthening silk protein and essential oils! It has an amazing fruity, mango scent that everyone loves! This product can be used as a rinse or a leave-in to tame frizz and aid in manageability.



Mango Punch Conditioner. 2oz ($1)sample size and 8oz ($8) original size.
Mango Punch Conditioner. 2 oz ($1)sample size and 8 oz ($8) original size.


The Avocado Shea Moisturizer is a light daily moisturizer bursting with aloe vera, shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, amino acids and essential oils. This product is great for detangling, baggying and day-to-day styling. Comes in Vanilla Bouquet, a wonderful vanilla-sandalwood fragrance.



Avocado Shea samples waiting on labels!
Avocado Shea samples waiting on labels! 2 oz($1), 8 oz ($6)

I have listed these products in my Etsy shop!

Hair Garden Cleanser

HGpooThe Hair Cleanser is one of Hair Garden’s earliest products that is composed of a combination of oils and natural ingredients that are beneficial to the hair and scalp. The concept originated from my need of a cleanser that would not strip the hair, leaving it “squeaky” clean, but one that would give the scalp and follicles the proper cleansing and nourishment they needed. This product gently clarifies and soothes the scalp surface and the follicles, removing impurities such as product build-up, oil (sebum) and skin cell build-up, sweat, and environmental pollution. This also promotes hair growth by unclogging the follicles of unhealthy debris and increasing the blood flow to the scalp area, which is also important for healthy hair growth. It helps rebalance the natural pH of the hair and scalp making the hair easier to detangle, stronger and shinier. Due to the conditioning and lubricating properties of the cleanser with proper use less manipulation is needed post-shampoo leading to shedding of hair. The key to obtaining optimally healthy hair is through proper maintenance of the scalp, follicles, and hair strands. This product contains natural and beneficial ingredients such as coconut and olive oil, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar. Want to get your hands on the amazing product? Want a custom made blend for yourself? E-mail me at