Flat Twist Updo for Natural Hair

I visited Augusta the other weekend and got to love up on some hair! It was good to see my lovely clients! I have a quick second to share one of the lovely styles I did! This lovely flat twisted updo!


I didn’t have a style in mind when I got started! I just went for it!

wpid-img_20151025_205544.jpgThis style was completed using only the clients beautiful natural hair! I love the final results and look forward to recreating another look like this!

Updos to Beat the Heat!

Greetings, Blossoms! I have been doing a little running around lately and have missed you all! I am back with some new info and hair pictures!

This summer, this elegant cornrowed updo has been quite a popular request! Cornrowing and flat twisting are some of my favorite styles to execute so I always look forward to doing this type of style!

This style was cornrowed and 2 packs of X-pression kanekalon hair (color #30) was used for the bun up top! The hair was twisted and pinned to create the look.


This bun was done with 2 packs of X-pression kanekalon braiding hair (#1B). The hair was loosely braided and pinned at the crown to create this look.


This cornrowed updo used 2 packs of X-pression braiding hair (color #33) above. The hair was braided into small braids and pinned up.


This type of style can last 2-3 weeks. I typically only wear this style for about 5-7 days because I absolutely HAVE to cleanse my scalp by then. The look is maintained by applying a light oil to the scalp as needed and tying the hair up while sleeping or during any activity like working out.

Got any questions? Feel free to ask below! Book me at http://www.styleseat.com/melissaotoo!

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Cornrows and a Bun

Greetings, beautiful! Cornrowing has to be one of my favorite styles to do. It was what made me fall in love with hair. It is relaxing for me. I love creating designs in a persons hair and achieving different looks. The latest style I did was this gorgeous cornrow style with a loose high bun.


This look is low maintenance requiring only a little oil on the scalp and hair occasionally and tying it up before bed or exercise. This style can last her 2-3 weeks with proper maintenance.

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When The Rod Set Goes Wrong

Hello, lovely people! I had been wearing braids and twists for the past 5 months and was happy to finally come out of the extensions and wear my hair! I wanted to experiment with this twisted rod set I saw someone try on pinterest! Yes, here I go with my pinterest finds again!

Anyway, the set was called a Bantu knot cheat! Some of you may be familiar with it. This is where they wind the hair as if to do a Bantu knot but that wrap it around a perm rod instead to give more elongation to the curl.


I grabbed my Avocado Shea moisturizer, setting lotion and some EcoStyler gel and began twisting and rodding away! I let it air dry overnight which was about 12 hours of drying time before I sat under a medium heat hooded dryer for an hour to ensure it was completely dry.  Also, my hair was 50% dry when I began the rodding process so I could get more fullness.

Simple enough, right?! Twist and roll the hair wait for big bouncy gorgeous results, right?


The hair was a disaster!  I would not even do myself like that and put a photo of this huge fail online. Of all the posts I put out, that would be the one photo that will somehow go viral. Ha Ha! Some parts waved and some parts knotted and some parts were just flat. Never again.

I ended up shampooing that out and opting for something simpler. I had things to do in the morning and needed to be presentable. That hair just was not! I believe my problem was that I twisted the hair to far down. I believe the twisting was only meant to be done closer to the scalp area, not towards the ends. I have not been defeated! I will try this look again!

In the meantime, I opted for a simpler go-to style that has gotten me out of many hair binds! I make a side part and flat twisted the hair in opposite directions. I connected to large 2-strand flat twists on one side and pinned the hanging tail up as well. This is my result!



Side note: When I take selfies, I have to hold the camera above my head for my eyes to look open and normal. I The top pic was taken way above my head. The lower ones were taken slightly above eye level. Do other people with small eyes have this problem in pictures?

Back to hair! Have you tried this Bantu set cheat that I am talking about? What were your results?

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Versatile Natural Hair Updo by Aphropuphs

Greetings, Blossoms! Today I traveled out to style a friend I have been styling since I was braiding on my bean bag out of my college dorm!

She wanted a low maintenance protective style so I created this lovely braid and twist updo combination for her!

Starting off, I detangled and pre-conditioned her hair with Hair Garden’s Peppermint Avocado Shea moisturizer. She had just come out of some two-strand twists I did for her and had a couple of months prior. I shampooed her with Hair Garden Cleanser and followed with the Mango Punch conditioner which I lightly rinsed out. I sectioned her out and blew her dry with the original Avocado Shea moisturizer. I used the mint formula as a moisturizer on her roots and scalp before braiding. This is because I included a special blend of essential oils known for their natural numbing and pain relieving properties. I wanted her to experience the least discomfort and damage possible since she had a lot of manipulation going on with her scalp within a short window of time.


Her hair is cornrowed on the side and 2-strand twisted down the center in a mohawk style. I rodded the ends with drinking straws, secured them with bobbi pins and dipped them in hot water. I rolled the back up and secured it with hair pins. I pinned any additional pieces that were hanging too low in the front.

She has versatility with this style because it is still very wearable outside of the pinned up style with the cute curly ends! I was so excited to get to the end result that I didn’t take a picture of it before I pinned it! Next time I want to try this with smaller cornrows or flat twists.

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